A Personal Note From James

We help create inspirational leaders that people love to follow.

I want to say welcome to our leadership community which is made up of leaders who want to inspire their people and have a lasting impact.

Every week I’ll send you a tool, or training, or simply some inspiration to help you excel at your role leading others.

But first, some fine print…

The Fine Print

1. Not Your Typical Leadership Training

I’m devoted to helping you become an inspirational and effective leader. If you do the things I teach, you can’t help but get better at the craft of influencing others.

But you need to know something, I get bored easily, especially when I read. Even more so when I read articles on leadership. Yawn. So here I do things a bit differently.

You see, our brains learn by grasping concepts grounded in word pictures (story and metaphor) and then by applying these concepts in a real world situation.

I do my best to provide you with world-class training but delivered in a way that’s effective, inspiring and hopefully enjoyable to consume.

I promise not to bore you with endless lists of things you should do, as if you needed another list.

So if I’m telling you about the time I shoved 50 Costa Rican ants in my mouth (true story), stick with me, because there’s actually something in there that’s going to make you a more effective leader.


2. This is all Free…But…

The nice thing about this community is I offer a ton of valuable training for free. While the general public can access some things on my blog, they can’t access the training that I’m going to send you. In fact, many people can’t believe how much value I give this private community without charging them a penny. (Articles, videos, 5-day challenges, webinars, online workshops, live coaching calls, and mini courses.)

But, from time to time, if I think something is going to help you take your leadership and/or personal effectivness to the next level, I’ll send you an offer for one of my larger, more extensive training programs. If you’re not cool with seeing these every so often, then you should definitely get off this train before it leaves the station.


Check Your Inbox Tomorrow

Tomorrow I’m going to send you something so be sure to check your inbox. It will be short but look for it some time before noon.

It’s great to have you here,