The Perfect Storm Killing Employee Engagement

After working with thousands of managers, something has become painfully clear.

Your managers want to be inspirational leaders, but there’s a perfect storm of sorts getting in the way.

There are three things hindering them from being the kind of leaders that help your organization fire on all cylinders.

And when you fix these three, you’ll unlock a wave of potential that has been lying dormant, possibly for years, inside your workplace.

But if you don’t, then you’ll be stuck on a perpetual roller coaster of staff disengagement and turnover.

The good news?

The fix is easier than you think.

The Three Problems

Problem #1 – Is This Really my Job?

Many of your managers are secretly wrestling with a question.

“How much influence do I really have on the engagement levels of my staff?”

What’s not helping is a bunch of so-called experts who are actually telling your managers that people can’t be motivated.

In fact, there’s no shortage of books and blog posts on that very topic.

So what do you think happens when a tired and discouraged manager sees a heading like that in their news feed?

Yeah, you guessed it…

They disengage themselves and enter a state I call Leadership Helplessness.

Otherwise known as Leadership Hell.

This is when a manager simply shows up to work each day, but instead of working hard to engage their staff, they end up going through the motions, trying to do enough to get through the day and not lose their job.

They try to look like a leader, but there’s not a lot of leadership going on at all.

And guess what? Their people aren’t inspired, so it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Fortunately, the science on this is clear…

Managers have a HUGE impact on the motivation levels of their people, as long as they do the right things that produce the biggest results.

Do the right things = Increased staff motivation.

Which brings us to Problem #2…