Three Big Things Cont…

Problem #2 – Where Do I Focus to Increase Engagement?

The second problem is a knowledge problem.

Your managers will resist taking ownership of the engagement of their staff if they don’t know how to fix it.

Which is why teaching them is essential.

Once again, we have decades of research on our side that point the way, but it all boils down to the Engagement Drivers.

There are a series of drivers, think of them like levers, that when your managers pull on them, it translates into increased motivation and engagement.

When your managers begin tapping into the Engagement Drivers, you’ll see staff motivation begin to rise.

This is good for the manager and great for your organization, but unfortunately, these results typically don’t last for long.

Because the sad truth is, most leadership training initiatives fail.

Remember the last program you purchased or expensive consultant you brought in?

Looked good, sounded great, even moved the needle… at least for a while.

But in most cases, a few months later, not much remained.

Because they didn’t deal with Problem #3.

In fact, if you don’t solve Problem #3, nothing will actually change and your managers will return to their old habits after only a week or two.

And the next time you try to get everyone excited about a training initiative, some of your managers won’t even want to attend.

This is why you must have a plan to deal with Problem #3

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