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The Ten Week Transformation That Will Turn Your Managers Into Inspirational Leaders Begins September 10th.

An Unpleasant Truth

The success of your organization hinges on the ability of your managers to engage and motivate their staff.

But when your managers get sucked into the weeds they end up task focused and simply going through the motions. This erodes the motivation and engagement of your teams.

Nine Minutes on Monday gives your managers a roadmap to inspire their staff by tapping into the Engagement Drivers.

Thousands of managers have already been transformed by the Nine Minutes on Monday program and this fall your people can join James as he turns them into inspirational leaders who get results.

What is Nine Minutes on Monday?

Staff Motivation Is Driven By Psychological Needs.

Nine Minutes on Monday is a simple framework that helps managers tap into nine powerful drivers of engagement. These drivers are actually key needs that when met, lead to engaged employees.

In order to create a high performance work environment you must tap into these nine needs. When you do its like flipping on a switch of motivation inside each of your staff.

In this program your managers will learn how to practically tap into these needs with simple and practical techniques that don’t take a lot of time.

How Does The 10-Week Program Work?

The program is ten weeks long and takes your managers through the entire Nine Minutes on Monday process. It’s designed especially for busy managers who want to improve their leadership effectiveness.
Each week looks like this:

Weekly Training

Each week your managers watch one 15-20 minute training module which is accessible anytime.

Power Exercise

They complete the Power Exercise to practice what they’ve learned.

Live Coaching Call

Attend the optional Group Coaching Call with James Robbins.

An Overview of The 10-Week Journey

Nine Minutes on Monday is divided into 10 modules, each one covering the essential elements that you need to know in order to increase staff engagement. Here is a brief summary of each module:

Week One – The Three Truths
Setting the foundation for the entire course you will learn three powerful truths that all leaders must embrace in order to be successful. This module will also unpack the 9-Minutes Framework.

Week Two – The Need to be More than a Number
In this lesson you learn the powerful connection between caring, trust and engagement. You will also learn a simple technique that will only take a few minutes a week which can dramatically change the way your staff feel about your leadership and your organization.

Week Three – The Need to Grow
Employees engage more in their workplace when they feel they have a chance to grow and develop. In this lesson you will learn the a simple question that will clarify all future training for each employee. As well, you will learn a simple method for coaching your employees on the fly.

Week Four – The Need to be Recognized
Employees invest a piece of themselves in the work they produce. Recognizing good work is not only crucial to motivation but it is an effective tool to shape behavior. Learn how to use the Recognition Codes in order to create quick but effective recognition statements that will fire up your staff.

Week Five – The Need for Mastery and Achievement
Employees have a deep need to achieve and make progress. In this lesson you will learn the three crucial elements that must be in place in order to make someone’s job more motivating. You will also learn how to give quick and effective feedback on their progress in order to meet their need for mastery.


Week Six – The Need for Purpose and Significance
When employees connect their work with something larger, it turbo charges their motivation. In this lesson you will learn how to link purpose to paycheck by exploring three critical questions. You will also learn the one key element that is best used to communicate purpose to pay and why you must tap into it.

Week Seven – The Need for Autonomy
Nobody likes a micromanaging boss. In this module you will learn four simple ways to create more autonomy for your employees resulting in greater productivity, creativity and problem solving.

Week Eight – The Need to Connect
People want to work in a motivating environment but dysfunctional teams can destroy morale. In this module you will learn how to protect your team from the six common solvents that erode the glue of great teams. You will also learn the key things that must be in place in order for your team to work well together.

Week Nine – The Need for Fun
If a funeral home and a fish market can have fun, then the rest of us can as well. Far more than just a good idea, fun at work actually leads to greater communication, productivity, and morale. This module will outline the simple steps you can take to add some fun to your team.

Week Ten – The Need for a Model to Follow
More than anything else your team needs you to lead the way. But what you model is also contingent on your current circumstances. This module teaches you what your people most need from you as well as how to tap into your own peak potential.

When it comes to staff motivation, we don’t have a knowledge problem, we have an execution problem.


The Nine Minutes on Monday online course works because it employs the principle of stacking.

If you want to help someone change, you don’t simply drop a ton of information on them. Instead, you give them bite-sized principles that can be put into practice right away. Then after they implement them we build on it by adding more.

Nine Minutes on Monday is a step-by-step program that uses stacking to help managers make lasting change. Each module is designed to give practical steps that build on each other so your managers experience transformation.

And there’s more…Three Bonus Modules to Help You

The Seven Minute Coach

This coaching module gives you a simple and quick model to coach your employees for performance.

Ready To Launch

Ready to Launch draws from the latest research from high performers and shows you how to create an effective and inspiring morning routine.

How to Deal With Difficult People

This bonus module outlines a simple process to tackle difficult people and gives you the rules of engagement when giving difficult feedback.

Built For Busy Managers

The Nine Minutes on Monday online course is built for busy managers. With each module lasting no more than 15-20 minutes, it is designed to get you the information you need in a practical format you can implement right away.

All of the content is online and you can access it from anywhere you can connect. The course has been designed with your busy schedule in mind, making it an ideal training program to do on the fly.

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“If leaders will do the nine minutes he suggests each Monday morning, they will become what we have called ‘meaning makers’ who deliver enormous value to their employees, customers, investors, and communities.”
Dave Ulrich

RBL Group

A Manufacturing Company Turns Around Its Sales Goals.

Nine Minutes on Monday


Watch your managers transform their leadership in as little as a few short weeks.



Interested in more information about bringing Nine Minutes on Monday to your organization?

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