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In his new book James Robbins shows managers a simpler way to motivate and engage their staff. With leaders facing increasing pressure to do more with less, Robbins outlines the nine drivers of employee engagement and provides a simple system to implement them that takes literally minutes a week.


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Book Description

Nine Minutes on Monday is a book to help transform your leadership in just minutes a week. By helping you focus on the things that drive motivation and engagement, Nine Minutes on Monday brings simplicity to leadership. In it you will discover a simple system to help you raise productivity, boost morale, and increase employee engagement.

In today’s environment it’s easy to become task focused, leaving work teams that are over-managed, under-led, and operating below their true potential. Nine Minutes on Monday combines proven engagement drivers and principles of human motivation into a simple system of execution. No matter how busy you are, Nine Minutes on Monday will ensure your staff are motivated, inspired, and equipped to bring their best to work each day.

Book Facts

Book Website: (Please link to this in articles)
Title: Nine Minutes on Monday – The quick and easy way to go from manager to leader.
Formats 256 pages, 6”x9”, hardcover: $24.95; also available as an ebook
Author: James Robbins
Publication Date: Amazon and ebook release: October 1, 2012

ISBN-10: 0071801987
ISBN-13: 978-0071801980
Publisher: McGraw-Hill

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A Little Bit About Me (Back to Top)

I have been speaking in front of audiences for over 17 years. In that time I have given over 1,000 presentations. I have been teaching, training and coaching leaders since 1995.

I am the author of Nine Minutes on Monday – The quick and easy way to go from manager to leader. (McGraw-Hill 2012) I wrote this book to give managers a simple solution to motivate and engage their staff even when things are crazy and hectic.

I created the web show Help Me Lead to help managers find creative ways to lead their staff. I am always creating video content on the topic of leadership and often use them in my presentations.

I am a story teller. I love adventure and incorporate many of my expeditions into my presentations. This helps the audience learn practical truths while being entertained at the same time.

I am a husband and father. My wife Kelly and I have been married for 19 years and have three kids. We currently live in Ponte Vedra Florida. In my free time I like hanging with the family and planning my next adventure.

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Who Should Read Nine Minutes on Monday? (Back to Top)
Any manager who feels insanely busy yet desires to improve their ability to motivate and engage their staff.
Nine Minutes was written for every manager who’s been struggling to figure out how to motivate and engage their team when they don’t have a lot of time themselves. The book aims to simplify leadership and motivation by providing managers with simple tools to ignite purpose and passion on the job. The Monday morning template directs busy managers to their highest leverage places in regards to motivating their staff.

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Interview Questions for James (Back to Top)

Here are some possible questions for an interview with James along with a brief summary of how he would answer.
Why did you write Nine Minutes on Monday?

I wrote the book out of my time working and coaching front-line managers. So many of them had the desire to lead with excellence but their schedules prohibited some of their growth and development. I would see these managers go away on a training weekend and learn some really fantastic stuff, only to come back to an insanely busy environment that made it difficult to implement anything new. Nine Minutes on Monday was written to give managers a simple way to implement the most effective drivers of employee engagement, even on a busy schedule.

In your book you mention there are three rules every manager must live by. Can you explain these?

Truth #1 As a manager you are paid to produce a result. The key however is that its your people that produce most of that result. Therefore your job is to help your people be as successful as you need them to be.

Truth #2 Leadership is the difference. Leaders at every level must understand how big of an impact they potentially can have. Leadership is the difference between mediocre performance and great performance.

Truth #3 Leadership is a practice. Forget the argument about whether leaders are born or raised. Truth is that much of leadership is a practice which can be improved upon. Managers who excel are those who decide to practice their leadership skills and watch them get better.

What are some of the book’s key takeaways?

Its about the little things. What I mean is, that excellence in leadership is not the rousing speech or the finely crafted vision. While these are important and part of the equation, true leadership excellence is found in doing the little things day in day out on a consistent basis. In Nine Minutes I show you what the little things are and I give you a simple way to incorporate them into your work life.

What little things are you talking about?

Well, the little things are meeting the basic needs that drive engagement. In the book I show managers what these nine needs are, how they work and then give them a simple template to follow that takes only a few minutes of their time a week.

What is the biggest challenges for managers today?

The biggest and most obvious is the amount of work most managers have on their plate. We are continually being asked to do mroe with less and this takes its toll on management. I think another is the diversity of the workforce today. Managers are faced with motivating multiple generations and cultures. The good news is that the majority of people are still motivated by the similar principles. Managers may have to apply them differently in different settings, but the principles remain the same.

What do you want people to do as a result of buying your book?

I want managers to see that leadership does not have to be complicated and it doesn’t have to take a lot of time. If they can build some of the habits I outline in the book, they are going to see a long term impact with their team. The other thing is I want them to start being more purposeful about their leadership. This is what the Nine Minute planning time is all about. Be intentional about your leadership.

How should readers use your book?

The book is meant to be practical. If managers use the Nine Minute planning template they will see results. I also include a lot of bonus material online which goes with the book so that managers can take some of the learning to an even deeper level.

What is the number one question you get asked most?

How do I motivate my staff.

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What Others Are Saying

“In Nine Minutes on Monday, James Robbins is your guide to reaching new leadership heights. His insights remind us of what is important, and what we need to be consistently doing to lead.”

—Mark Sanborn, award-winning speaker and author of
 The Fred Factor and You Don’t Need a Title to Be a Leader

“Every manager in your workplace needs this book. Practical and easily doable ideas that will help turn your managers into truly inspiring leaders.”
— Michael Kerr, “The Workplace Energizer” and author of Putting Humor to Work

“James Robbins is a terrific observer, thinker, and storyteller. He also has marvelous insights about how leaders can help employees become more connected to their work setting. He weaves together personal stories with thoughtful leadership insights into a compelling book. if leaders will do the nine minutes he suggests each Monday morning, they will become what we have called ‘meaning makers’ who deliver enormous value to their employees, customers, investors, and communities.”

—Dave Ulrich, professor, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan; partner, The RBL Group; coauthor, The Why of Work

“It really works! Robbins provides simple and practical tools to help all managers get on the road toward becoming great leaders. These nine easy-to-use principles are relevant to today’s work environment and yet so often overlooked. Thank you for helping me to make a difference to my team.”

—Sue Travis, HR Manager, Lowe’s

“Great easy read with lots of practical applications for leaders looking to improve their game and really make a difference in the lives of those they lead.”

—Debbie Stein CFO AltaGas