The Power of Inspirational Leadership

Employees want their leaders to be inspirational, but…

What exactly is inspiration and can it be taught?

Here’s what we know.

Leaders who are inspirational have teams that are more engaged, more committed and reach higher levels of productivity. Inspirational leaders also help bring out the best in others, foster a deep loyalty, and are highly regarded by their people.

But, can a leader become more inspirational?

Not only is the answer a resounding yes, but in this presentation James shows you how.

This motivating keynote demystifies Inspiration and breaks it down into a dead-simple framework that anyone can use to increase their ability to move others.

In this presentation you will learn:

  • The Inspiration Framework and how to use to make simple shifts to improve your leadership.
  • Where Motivation and Inspiration are different and why understanding this is crucial to your employee’s engagement.
  • The three things your employees need to feel in order to be inspiried by you.
  • The two universal fears of mankind and why they are crucial to understanding the power of inspiration.
  • How to use inspiration-evoking questions to create a mind shift that arouses vision and passion.
  • The hidden pattern behind all inspirational communication that you can impliment to set people’s hearts ablaze.
  • How to turn even the most stubborn employees into raving fans and dedicated followers.
  • And much more…

This presentation on inspiration is, dare we say, inspiring. Your people will leave this session with a new vision for what their leadership can accomplish along with practical tools they can use the very next day.


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