Have you ever heard one of those rags to riches stories where someone was living in their car and then somehow, against all odds went on to become a multi-millionaire?

Well, I have to tell you about this guy named Michael. He was living in his car in Vancouver Canada not long before I first met him more than 20 years ago.

Fast forward to today and he’s made over $50 million dollars as one of the world’s top success coaches. His journey wasn’t easy, and yet it’s what enabled him to help tens of thousands of people go from where they are to reach higher levels of success.

His name is Michael Bolduc and he is one of the world’s most successful coaches, in fact, Brian Tracy calls him the #1 Goal Setting coach in the world.

Today he’s here and ready to share some of the secrets he uses to help others become wildly successful.

Michael Is going to outline his 6 step process for actually reaching your goals.
Also, he’s going to share with you What many of the self-help gurus are telling you that’s actually hurting you instead of helping you.
And The 2 questions that will help you know if your goal is the right one for you.
Why do some experts place too much emphasis on limiting beliefs and what you should be focused on instead.

How your emotional state will make the difference in whether or not you achieve your goals, and how to make adjustments if it’s not right.
He will also introduce you to what he says was the missing piece to his own success philosophy.

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