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A great speaker stirs your thinking, expands your limits,

and gives you a practical path to follow.

Elevate Your Thinking

All change begins with a mind shift. A successful speaker knows how to meet people where they’re at and then elevate their thinking so they experience their role from a different perspective.

This is the secret to transformation.

I have been working with audiences of all types for over 20 years. While my presentations are entertaining and motivational, what’s more important is that they transform people. I shift their perspective in a way that makes them WANT to bring their best self to work each day.

A mind shift must be followed with a simple path to follow.
In order to make change stick it must be paired with a simple path or steps which people can take in order to get new results. When I leave an organization your people will have proven steps and tools in order to continue where we left off.

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“James was the top rated speaker at our conference.”


Keynotes and Presentations by Topic

These programs help leaders elevate their own performance as well as equipping them to bring out the best in those on their team.


 The Art of Moving People

How to Stir Minds, Ignite Hearts, and Elevate Performance through Inspirational Leadership.

Leadership hinges on your ability to move people.

But moving people takes more than a cookie cutter approach because it’s more an art than a science.

The good news, however, is these principles for elevating performance can be learned.

In this session, James teaches you both the Art and Science of influencing others within the context of leadership. When managers embrace these principles they will become inspirational leaders who lead energized and engaged teams.

This motivating keynote demystifies Inspirational Leadership and breaks it down into a dead-simple framework that anyone can learn to increase the engagement and motivation of their staff.

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Nine Minutes on Monday

Transform your Managers in Only 9-Minutes a Week!
Nine Minutes on Monday is a simple framework that has helped transform the leadership of thousands of manager around the world.  This session, which is available as a keynote or 3.5 hour workshop, will equip busy managers with simple tools to raise productivity, boost morale, and increase employee engagement. No matter how busy your managers are, Nine Minutes on Monday will ensure your staff are motivated, inspired, and equipped to bring their best to work each day.
For more information on 9 Minutes click here.

“The best speaker so far. Gave us actual tactical ideas to implement. Nicely done.”

SHRM Attendee

Productivity, Teamwork, and Performance.

Reaching New Heights

How does and organization reach it’s full potential? By being made up of people who are committed to excellence. This session will move your people away from the employee mindset and turn them into vested partners who are committed to the growth of your organization.

In this inspiring session, James shares life lessons from expeditions around the world combined with the recent research from the fields of social psychology, the neurosciences, and human performance to help your people make a shift in how they see themselves within your organization.

James also helps your staff ready themselves to face their fears, take risks, find strength to persevere in tough times, and how to contribute to the team. With stunning images and compelling tales, this session will challenge the audience to quit settling for average, whether in life or business, and outline the steps for reaching new heights.


The Art of Conversation

How to Create a Culture of Healthy and Effective Communication.

This dynamic session teaches employees how to communicate effectively and give them a proven framework for handling difficult conversations. Employees will learn:

  • How to successfully have difficult conversations so that all parties feel heard and respected.
  • The crucial mindset shift you need to make once the conversation begins.
  • How to address tough and sensitive issues without the other person becoming defensive and difficult.
  • How your brain works against you in difficult conversations and how to override its default setting so you can take control of the situation.
  • The three most difficult conversations in the workplace.
  • Three things you MUST do before beginning the conversation.
  • Three things you can do immediately to calm your emotions when they begin to rise during the conversation.
  • What to do when you find yourself ambushed by a difficult conversation.

Story Telling For Leaders

How to Use the Power of Story to Motivate and Inspire Your Team.

Storytelling for Leaders is training program to help you increase the effectiveness of your communication.

In this training course you will learn:

  • How to build a story from the ground up so that it has maximum impact.
  • The Trojan Horse Principle and why it’s the key to every story you tell.
  • The two questions you must answer before you begin your story selection.
  • The eight different types of stories and when to use each of them.
  • How to use story in emails to get your team motivated and inspired.
  • How to mine your life for stories.
  • And more…

Storytelling for Leaders will teach your managers how to better communicate with their teams.

James and John Maxwell training leaders in South America.

What Others are Saying

We have had other well known mountain oriented speakers and although they had good messages, their impact did not last beyond the day. James was able to not only tell an interesting story that was instantly engaging, he was able to cleverly deliver key messages that will assist our leaders and show positive impacts on their people and their careers.
Robin O’Hearn – Delta Hotels

“The best leadership seminar I have attended!
Lisa Hamonic – Indian Affairs and Northern Communities

“One of the most practical workshops I have been to. I can hardly wait to get started on the follow-up.”
Jill – Manager Workers Compensation Board

“Great Inspiring stories to give any leader a true sense of just how much impact they can make on their team and organization. Love the 12-week follow-up.”
Johanna – HR Manager Town of Canmore

“Truly inspirational, James has a way of captivating his audience through the many stories that he has to share.”Carla – Guest Activities Manager Delta Hotels

“Awesome speaker – Jamie held the rooms interest at all times.”
Audra Schalk Manager Healthcare and Employee Benefits Manitoba

“I loved it. It was very engaging. This will be a seminar that I will never forget.”
Cherie Gebhardt – Manager Assiniboine Credit Union

“Excellent presentation, Whether a new manager or a manager of 30 years…a benefit to all.”
Norm Brennand Indian Affairs and Northern Communities

“One of the most practical workshops I have been to. I can hardly wait to get started on the follow-up.”
Jill Haws Millard Health

“Loved the innovative approach of a 12-week follow-up.”
Shairose Lalji WCB Alberta

“Very engaging and enjoyable. I will be actively putting much of this into practice! Love that there is a follow-up component!”
Gina Savoie WCB Alberta

“Good practical information combined with inspiring stories. A day well spent!”
Ambrose Sun Millard Health

“Very good course, very practical, lots of challenges for me. Looking forward to the practical application.”
Calvin Haws WCB Albert

“I nearly cried at the end because it was so motivational. Fun, inspiring, and made a connection. Great speaker!!.”

SHRM Attendee


General Information

Choosing the right speaker or trainer is crucial to the success of your event. The coffee can be great, and the facilities state of the art, but if the speaker misses the mark, it tarnishes the entire event. I’ve planned my fair share of events and conferences and I know some of the challenges in finding the right speaker. I have created this page to assist you in gathering information about me.

What you can expect
Here is what you can expect when you work with me:

  1. Prompt – Prompt replies to your phone calls and email messages.
  2. Integrity – If I am not the right speaker for you, I will be the first to tell you. There is no point in coming to speak at your event if I am not the best one to help you.
  3. Care – Personal phone consultations before your event so I can tailor my presentation for your audience and culture.
  4. Hassle free – I am simple and easy to work with. You have enough on your plate already, you don’t need a speaker with high needs to chew up more of your precious time. I am here to help.
  5. On time – I will be early to set up for the event, and will finish on time ensuring that your event stays on track.
  6. Fun – I promise to be fun to work with and always strive to over-deliver.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are James' A/V requirements?
James needs the following: A wireless lavalier microphone or headset, a projector for his computer, and a sound connection for his laptop. In workshop settings he also needs a flip chart and markers.
What is James' fee?
James’ fee depends on a couple of things such as which program he is delivering, and the location of the meeting. It’s best to speak with him directly so he can accurately give you a price for your specific event.
Will James do a keynote and a breakout session at the same conference?
Yes, James does this when his schedule allows.
Does James customize his presentations?
Yes, James always tweaks his messages to speak directly to your group. Audiences constantly remark on how well he knows their language and culture.
How far out do we need to book?
If you want to be sure to secure James for your date it’s best to book early. Some organizations book him a year in advance. However if James has the date available, he only needs one week notice.
Is it possible to get James to sign books for our participants?
Yes, for sure. James is more than happy to help out in any way.
Can we record James' presentation?
Yes, that’s fine as long as you are not using it for resale. Simply let James know what you want to do.

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