Hardwiring Change in Your Managers

You Need a Step-by-Step Process to Transform Your Managers

In case you don’t know me, I’m James Robbins and I’m a former preacher turned leadership and motivation expert, and for the last 15 years, I’ve been helping managers shift their behavior to become inspirational leaders.

After seeing how ineffective many leadership training programs were at producing long-term results, I developed a framework called Nine Minutes on Monday.

I later wrote about this in my book with the same name.

Nearly a decade later it has transformed thousands of managers all around the globe.

I’ve since turned Nine Minutes on Monday into a 10-week leadership program that helps busy managers increase the motivation of their employees by tapping into the Engagement Drivers using a simple framework which produces long-term results.

In essence, it helps your managers become inspirational leaders by shifting their behavior.

Dead Simple & Effective

When your managers take the program you can expect to see a shift in their leadership effectiveness immediately.

After only one week your managers will step up and take ownership of their role in the engagement process and will have a renewed commitment to becoming effective leaders.

By week four you’ll see them coaching their employees and deploying powerful reward and recognition strategies as the trust between them and their staff flourishes.

By week eight you’ll witness them turning their employees from renters into owners by leveraging intrinsic motivation. They’ll also have curbed any micromanaging tendencies that are disempowering their staff.

By week ten, you’ll see the morale on their teams stronger than ever before and your managers will be leaning into those difficult conversations with employees who are poisoning morale.


Because the program is designed to produce long-term behavior change, Nine Minutes on Monday isn’t one of those flavor-of-the-month initiatives, but rather a powerful process to ignite engagement for years to come.

Each week as your managers come to work they learn to develop a simple plan for their leadership which then only takes a few minutes to execute.

Because when your managers show up to work having no plan, they end up going through the motions, not engaged in their own leadership, resulting in another week of lower productivity, lower engagement, and overall lower quality of work produced by your organization.

The cost of all of this can be staggering.

But when your managers have a step-by-step process that helps them increase engagement and morale, then you’re organization will experience a breakthrough.


Turned Around Low Engagement

Here’s a large hospital whose employee engagement scores were suffering. Within the year they had doubled their scores and more than doubled their number of high performing teams.

This worked because busy managers were given a path to follow that was sustainable and produced behavior change.


Increased Their Sales

Here’s a manufacturing company that was experiencing low employee engagement and because of that, they were only hitting 68% of their sales targets. Within 8 weeks of starting the program, they were hitting 98% of their sales goals.


Even the Very Good Become Great

Here’s what one VP of HR said after seeing the engagement scores in her own department raise from ‘Very Good” to “Great.”


So if you need your managers to get out of the weeds and become more intentional about leading their teams with excellence then you have two choices.

You can scour the internet spending hours and hours looking for the right program, hoping it’s effective, and then spend another couple of weeks trying to get everyone excited about it…

Or, you can give me a call and I’ll walk you through exactly how Nine Minutes on Monday works and how it can transform your managers into inspirational leaders in only a few minutes a week.

To set up a quick phone call, click on the button below and you’ll come to a page that looks like this.

Then simply find a time that works best for you over the next couple of days I will give you a call.

I’m only doing a limited number of these so if you want to find out how Nine Minutes on Monday can transform your workplace then book your call today before I’m out of time slots.

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