Finally a FLEXIBLE Productivity System that’s Guaranteed to Help You Get More Done, In Less Time, So You Never Have to Take  Work Home With You Again.

Attention Leaders and Managers:

Are you tired of feeling like there’s never enough time in the day to get everything done?  If so then read on:

As a leader you’re juggling multiple priorities, attending meetings, fending off constant interruptions and trying to get all of your own work done while still managing your staff. It’s not easy.

Worse still is that stressful feeling that you’re constantly behind, and never able to actually catch up.

It’s like running around with your hair on fire hoping to find some uninterrupted time to actually cross things off your to-do list.

So you work through lunch and by the end of the day you’re not only mentally spent, but you realize that once again you’re going to have to take work home with you – something you promised yourself you’d stop doing.

And when your daughter tells you a joke at the dinner table you forget to laugh because somewhere between the beginning and the punchline your mind drifted back to the difficult conversation you’re rehearsing in your head that you need to have with one of your direct reports tomorrow.

It’s no wonder managers get burned out.

If you can relate, it’s not your fault. The workplace has become busier and more complex than ever, especially for us leaders. But by the time you’re finished reading the next few paragraphs, you’ll know exactly, without a doubt, how you can get more done, in less time, with less stress and stop taking work home with you at night.

My Productivity Confession

I have a confession to make…

I’m not the most organized person in the world. I’ve never reached ‘Inbox Zero’, I don’t have a fancy filing system, and I still use pen and paper for my to do lists. But with multiple companies to run and a family of 5, I have no room to be unproductive. And while I get an insane amount of high priority work done each week it wasn’t always this way.

As a creative, I remember struggling for years with feelings of overwhelm trying to stay organized and get all of my work done.

With staff to lead, and an organization to run, there was always more to do than I had time for. And even when I was making progress, an employee would call with a problem that needed my attention and before I knew it I was behind again, and back to playing catch up.

Because of this, I would often take work home and not be present for my family. Oh I’d be there in person, but mentally I was someplace else – work.

The Problem with Productivity Programs

To help, I read books on productivity and time management and tried to implement their systems. I was always eager at first. I bought the day timers, the inserts, and searched the office supply store for a labeling machine.

I’d set up categorized file systems and group my to-do list by activity type. I would spend a day clearing my desk, organizing my office, setting up tickler files and try to process my 22,364 unread emails hoping to finally touch the bottom of my inbox.

I downloaded productivity apps, tried to manage my time and while each method promised a new streamlined life, they never seemed to stick. They were either too complicated or clearly created by people already born with some yet-to-be-discovered organization gene that I obviously didn’t inherit.

While they did make me more organized, they didn’t actually make me more productive. Instead I was spending all of my energy on being…well, more organized.

And it wouldn’t take long before I’d fall off the productivity wagon…again. If there were a 12-step group for people who couldn’t seem to stick to a productivity system, I’d a joined.

It’s not that any of these systems were bad. They all had many great features, they just weren’t great for me.

My brain didn’t function like that. In fact, it burned more energy to stick to the system and in the end actually created more work rather than less.

And then it hit me…

A surprising discovery

Being organized doesn’t mean you’ll be more productive.

I also realized that productivity is not about getting everything done, or reaching inbox zero.

Productivity is about getting the right things done.

From my decades of work on peak performance I knew there was a bigger picture here that no one seemed to be talking about.

Productivity doesn’t live in a vacuum of to-do lists, file folders and calendars.  It’s so much bigger than that. You can’t talk about productivity without also diving into things like clarity, focus and energy.

So over the years I began experimenting, borrowing best practices from productivity and personal excellence programs as well as my own experience as a creative. After trial and error, and more error, I began duct taping all the best pieces together into a practical, and dead-simple system and suddenly my productivity exploded.

The results were undeniable

Suddenly I was able to get more done by noon than most people accomplished in a single day.

Not only that, but I was able to minimize distractions, stay focused on my priorities, and still have energy at 4:00PM. Best of all, I wasn’t checking my email at home anymore and my mind was free and clear to be present with my family.

After traveling across the country to help thousands of leaders motivate their staff, I realized that almost all of them were struggling with the same problem that I’d had.

How do you stay focused, make real progress on your priorities, minimize distractions, and get everything done when your spinning so many plates at once?

A completely new way to think about productivity

So I decided it was time to share my system with the world because I knew there were thousands of others like me who desired to be more productive but were struggling to get there.

For the first time I’ve decided to make all of my hours of research, my own trials and errors, along with the top resources I spent years uncovering, readily available to others who are tired of constantly being in catch-up mode and want to:

  •  Increase their productivity
  •  Eliminate distractions
  •  Maintain their energy throughout the day
  • Make massive progress on their top priorities

Introducing Productivity Rocket

Productivity Rocket is more than a system to help you get organized. In fact, what sets it apart from every other program is that it places productivity within the larger context of peak performance which hinges on factors such as clarity, focus, systems and energy.

Productivity Rocket is a 6-week transformation designed to help you install small habits that will explode your efficiency, energy and focus. The program is designed to be quick-to-consume and dead simple to implement.

By the end you’ll be more productive, less distracted, have more energy, and strike a healthier balance between your work and personal life.

A 6-Week Transformation in Productivity

Productivity Rocket helped me gain the one thing that I often lacked: focus.


What You’ll Learn

The benefit of Productivity Rocket is the new habits you’ll install which will lead to long-term results. In the course you will also learn:

  • How to use the 1-3-4 Frame work transform your productivity.
  • The one technique that will conserve your intellectual energy so you’re still mentally fresh at 4:30 in the afternoon.
  • How to sync your calendar with your natural energy rhythms throughout the day for maximum focus and energy.
  • The one measure to track that will tell you whether or not you have had a successful week.
  • How to increase your amount of Deep Work and why it’s crucial to creativity and strategic planning.
  • How to detox your Brain Monkey from its addiction to email and notifications.
  • How to create a laser-targeted plan each week which will drive efficiency and results.
  • The essential activity that will sharpen your mind to be impervious to distraction.
  • How your food affects your productivity and a quick-and-easy guide for choosing high energy brain foods.
  • The one place where you can use mulit-tasking to your advantage.
  • The worst time of the day to structure meetings and how to improve the productivity of your team just by making this one simple schedule change.
  • The one simple ritual that will enable you to leave the office both psychically AND mentally, freeing up emotional energy which you can invest in your loved ones at home while being fully present.
  • And so much more…



Productivity Rocket has helped bring clarity and focus to my workday. It’s helped me identify distractions that cause me to be less productive during my work day and given me tools to help manage those distractions.





My 30-Day, No Hassle, Risk-Free Guarantee

Listen: The secrets, tips and strategies in my course have changed how I approach my work and personal life.

However, if after 30 days of going through this course you feel it was a waste of your time…I’ll give you back every penny you paid…guaranteed. No hassles. No questions asked.

What’s the bottom line?

I’ve done everything necessary to ensure the Productivity Rocket will work for you. All the information inside I’ve used personally (and still use) to stay focused on my priorities, minimize distractions and get more done than I ever dreamed possible.

So, if you want to get Productivity Rocket at the best price, here’s how to order.

Simply click the Join Productivity Rocket button below and you will get immediate access to the Productivity Rocket course.



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