Programs to Help You Grow Your Leaders

Below you will find a collection of coaching programs and courses to help you build a high-performing culture in your organization.


Our Signature Leadership Coaching Programs

The programs below are our hybrid coaching/course programs to help you train your leaders.

Nine Minutes on Monday

12 week program

Nine Minutes on Monday is a simple framework that helps busy managers like you tap into nine powerful drivers of engagement. These drivers are actually key needs that when met, lead to engaged employees.

The Natural Born Leader

16 week program

For Senior Executives and Business Owners. Natural Born Leader helps you take your leadership and organization to the next level through our unique coaching process.

See how we helped this high-performing Fortune 500 company, skyrocket their engagement numbers.


Self-Paced Online Courses

All of these programs below can be purchased at group discounts. 

The Art of Accountability

Online Self-Paced

Introducing – “The Art of Accountability” – a specialized training program crafted for managers like you, who want to harness the transformative power of accountability.

The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety

Online Self-Paced

Psychological safety is the cornerstone of high-performing teams. It’s the secret ingredient that fosters creativity, resilience, and exceptional results. This course will show you how. 

From Bud to Boss

Online Self-Paced

The transition from a front-line employee to being in management is the most difficult shift in business.

From Bud to Boss will help you avoid the most common mistakes AND become the leader even your friends want to follow.

The Art of Employee One-on-Ones

Online Self-Paced

There is nothing more powerful than one-on-ones to create empowered and motivated employees. This course is going to teach you how to do them.

Ambassadors – The Department of One

Online Self-Paced

As a department of one, your influence can still be profound. In fact, you have the power to shape the culture, drive innovation, and foster a collaborative environment.

But it all comes down to your ability to influence.

Art of Difficult Conversations

Online Self-Paced

This training will give you a simple 5-step process for handling conversations when stakes are high.

Productivity Rocket

Online Self-Paced

A FLEXIBLE Productivity System that’s Guaranteed to Help You Get More Done, In Less Time, So You Never Have to Take Work Home With You Again.

Captivate – Powerful Presentatiopns

Online Self-Paced

Captivate will teach you how to structure and deliver captivating presentations so you’re able to communicate your message with power, and confidence for maximum impact.

Coaching for Performance

Online Self-Paced

In this course James will show you how to become an effective coach who helps your team reach new levels of performance.

Storytelling for Influence

Online Self-Paced

Discover the Power of Storytelling to Inspire, Connect, and Lead

The Delegation Protocol

Online Self-Paced

Free up valuable time to lead, and empower your staff by leveraging the Delegation Protocol.

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Live Online Workshops

We regularly host live webinars and workshops. Some are free while others require registration. To learn when our next live training is, please visit the link below.


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