Nine Minutes on Monday

Nine Minutes on Monday is a simple system to help you raise productivity, boost morale, and increase employee engagement. The number one reason why managers fail to increase productivity, and get the best out of their people is they neglect to keep their leadership priorities in front of them.


Teaching Nine Minutes on Monday to managers in South America.

In today’s environment it’s easy to become task focused, leaving work teams that are over-managed, under-led, and operating below their true potential. Nine Minutes on Monday combines proven engagement drivers and principles of human motivation into a simple system of execution. No matter how busy you are, Nine Minutes on Monday will ensure your staff are motivated, inspired, and equipped to bring their best to work each day.

In it you will learn:

  • How to use the simple 9-minute template to keep your leadership priorities in front of you no matter how busy you are so your people are never without their leader
  • How to implement the top engagement drivers and identify which ones you need to focus on the most to create a motivated and high performance team
  • Increase motivation with the three simple questions that will connect purpose to pay by creating a clear line of sight between what employees do and how it affects the organization
  • A four-step formula for giving feedback that takes the stress out of addressing sub-par performance and drives complacency from the workplace
  • How to use the Recognition Codes to reward and recognize your employees so they feel valued, appreciated, and inspired.
  • How to apply the top drivers of engagement with employees who are telecommuting
  • Watch your employees performance and confidence soar with this simple coaching model you can use to develop your staff on a limited time budget
  • The one activity that takes only 10-minutes a week that is a proven engagement driver which most managers neglect

This presentation is available as a keynote or 1/2 day workshop.

“We received exceptional feedback on your portion of the conference – thank you! Your message fit in so well with the theme of the conference and the delivery was very engaging; you had a few people in tears at the end so you hit not only the practical application, but the emotional response as well – really effective in increasing retention and I’m excited to see what the group does over time as they apply the concepts.”

Andrea Preston

Manager of Talent Management, PLS

“Great motivator, he seemed to understand who we are and what we do unlike some motivational speakers who talk over your head, He actually researched our job scope.”

PLS Manager