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Starting tomorrow I’m going to send you the first of a three part leadership training that’s already helped over 50,000 managers around the world. Be sure to watch your inbox tomorrow.

1. Bold Points Here

So if I’m telling you about the time I shoved 50 Costa Rican ants in my mouth (true story), stick with me, because there’s actually something in there that’s going to make you a more effective leader.

2. Forget Slick Email Headlines

The Marketing Gurus tell me to come up with compelling subject lines for each email so that you’ll open them. Well, I try but I’ve gotta tell you, in many cases I’ve opted to do the opposite. I’ll try to tell you what the email is about in the subject line so that if it doesn’t interest you, don’t bother to open it.

3. This is all Free…But…

The nice thing about this community is I offer a ton of valuable training for free. While the general public can

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Tomorrow I’m going to kick off part 1 of a very important series that’s going to help you become a more effective leader.


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