How to Use Accountability to Increase Results

(Without Your Staff Hating Your Guts.)

Accountability can be your best friend or explode in your face.

To be successful you have to manage performance and that requires some form of accountability. But despite its effectiveness accountability can be tricky.

To make matters worse, sometimes staff resort to blame-shifting, excuse making, or playing the victim card when held accountable, leaving managers frustrated and unsure what to do or say next. And when you don’t deal with the subsequent bad behavior it sends a negative message to the rest of the team about your leadership.

If you can relate, don’t worry, it’s not your fault. The workplace is fast moving and complex and holding others accountable is not the easiest thing to do which is why I’ve created a brand new course to help you overcome any barriers that have been holding you back in regards to holding staff accountable.

A powerful training on the Art and Science of Accountability

In this 84-minute mini course I will guide you step-by-step and teach you a simple way to hold your staff accountable in a positive, empowering way. In this session you will learn:

  •  Where, and where not, to use accountability (get this wrong and you lose credibility and trust).
  •  How to create an accountable culture among your team.
  •  How to recognize your own internal barriers to holding staff accountable and how to push past them.
  •  How to get staff to embrace AND buy-in to accountability.
  • Seven questions to ask your team which will reveal how healthy your team culture is.
  • How to create Psychological Safety and why it’s a must for holding employees accountable.
  • How to handle people who make excuses and push back when holding them accountable.
  • And much more…

I’ve priced this course for a fraction of the price I would normally charge for one of my courses and I created a crazy group rate for you, so that all of your managers can more effectively drive results through workplace accountability.

To register simply choose your option below.

My 30-Day, No Hassle, Risk-Free Guarantee

Listen: The secrets, tips and strategies in this course will equip you to use accountability effectively.

However, if after the course, you feel like it was a waste of your time…I’ll give you back every penny you paid…guaranteed. No hassles. No questions asked.

What’s the bottom line?

This is a great training packed with real-life strategies to effectively implement the power of accountability among your team.

So, if you want to use accountability to produce results then click on one of the links below.